The AZTA wishes to maintain itself as a peer group, so it can provide an opportunity for expanded peer contacts and exchanges. Therefore, the group seeks to insure that the backgrounds and activities of prospective members are similar to those of current members. To insure these aims, the AZTA has instituted the following procedure for determining membership eligibility.

People wishing to join AZTA are encouraged to consider the three criteria listed below. If they feel they satisfy these criteria, they are encouraged to contact the membership committee and request a detailed membership application. Completed applications will be evaluated by the membership committee, a standing committee created and empowered by decision of the AZTA membership as a whole.

The major criteria are:

  1. Is the candidate authorized to teach Zen Buddhism without supervision within a generally recognized lineage?
  2. Does the candidate devote a significant portion of time to teaching Zen?
  3. Has the candidate received Buddhist precepts, and does the candidate have an Ethics Statement which includes a grievance procedure?
    The AZTA Ethics policy can be found here.
  4. Before authorization, did the candidate undergo significant Zen training?
  5. Questions on the membership application are designed to give a detailed picture of the ways in which a candidate meets these criteria.
  6. Members agree to abide by the guidelines for right speech when communicating on the listserve, as described in Guidelines for AZTA Netiquette.