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MISSION STATEMENT: The purpose of the American Zen Teachers Association is to foster dialogue among Zen Buddhist teachers and to provide access to information about Zen Buddhist practice and teaching.

Current members of AZTA are second+ generation Zen (Chan, Son etc.) Teachers from North America.
AZTA is open for membership to all Zen Teachers from any country in the world that are deemed qualified according to our Membership criteria

It is our hope that this site will provide help in locating properly qualified Zen Teachers for those wishing to learn more about the Zen Buddha Dharma. In order to do so this site includes a database of Zen Practice Centers.

Activities of AZTA

Database of Zen Practice Centers with AZTA teachers, If you are looking for a place to practice please look at: List of Zen (Chan, Son etc.) Centers, Temples, Monasteries. This list is currently only accessible for logged in members

History and Function of AZTA

For an outline of the various Schools of Zen in America see the Tradition's page

Contacting AZTA